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Rehab-Partner provide products, training and rehabilitation solutions, all of which are important criteria for a successful rehabilitation process. We offer world-renowned rehabilitation and training equipment of the highest quality, and conduct thorough training and education in the proper and optimal use of the equipment. Our products are constantly being developed in collaboration with physiotherapists, doctors and professors worldwide. To achieve the best rehabilitation results, safety, quality and staff training are paramount.  
Rehab-Partner, formerly known as Mobility Research, is an official and exclusive importer of NuStep® and LiteGait® to Europe. 


Our product line is carefully selected, and as an official importer we guarantee the quality, functionality and authenticity of the products. Experience compensation-free training in practice. 

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We are very honoured and grateful to have a customer list that includes a mix of municipalities, hospitals and private clinics. We constantly strive to optimise and improve the rehabilitation process for our customers, and a close and professional collaboration is important for ultimate success. 

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About us

With more than 16 years in the rehabilitation industry, we have chosen to change our name to Rehab-Partner, a name that better reflects who we are and what we do as an organisation. The same owners and leadership, with a continued focus on research and distribution of knowledge and expertise.

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