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We offer:

We offer a free LiteGait brush-up at your clinic, we coach you and your patients through a three hour training session with content suited to your needs. Book an appointment: +45 86801807 or: info@rehab-partner.dk 

Before you buy:  

When testing LiteGait, we recommend that you receive a thorough introduction to the system beforehand. We start with a brief introduction to the LiteGait, harnesses and accessories. This will be followed by training with your own patients, after which you can utilise and test the system at your facility during a 14-day trial. 

When testing NuStep, we begin with a short but thorough overview of all the settings and training options, after which you can test the device at your facility during a 14-day trial.

After buying: 

LiteGait: Book a training/brush-up session. You can bring patients to this training session, perhaps those you struggle to work with due to challenges experienced in everyday clinical practice. You decide the agenda. You’ll be introduced to new tips, tricks and strategies for optimised training as well as the latest accessories. 

NuStep: Book a training/brush-up session. NuStep can do more than you think. We often find that a visit from our coach leads to new ideas for daily training sessions and more optimal utilisation of the NuStep features.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to book a demo or training session: +45 8680 1807