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Seminar 2022

Erbjudande tidig registrering 1/2 pris, per person inkl. catering SEK 1 800,00
tidigregistreringspris innan 2022-03-31 SEK 900,00.

Partial Weight Bearing Gait Therapy I

Torsdag 19 maj 8:00-16:15 Skånes Universitetssjukhus Orupssjukhuset
Sanatorievägen 32, 243 95 Höör

Fredag 20 maj 8:00-16:15 Mälargården Rehab Center
Hertigvägen 5, 193 31 Sigtuna

8:00-9:15 Introduction to Partial Weight Bearing Gait Therapy Basic Science Foundation CPG discussion Rationales for use PWB-GT Treatment Environment
9:15-9:30 Break
9:30-11:00 Application of Clinical Research & Protocols Clinical Research results by diagnosis
Clinical Protocols Discussion
Protocol variations by Diagnosis
Alternative Uses for the environment
Adult & Pediatric Issues
11:00-12:00 Demonstration Patient treatment session
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-13:45 Hands on Group Interaction
Harness application Device interaction
13:45-15:30 Clinical Techniques Lab Hands on practice with patients
Facilitation tips (3 patients, scheduled in 45 minute increments)
Patient 13.45-14.30
Patient 14:30-15:15
Patient 15:15-16:00
16:00-16:15 wrap-up/post-survey
16:15 End of Seminar

Registrering Skicka namn och arbetsplats till: info@rehab-partner.dk. Pris per person inkl. catering SEK 1 800,00, tidigregistreringspris innan 2022-02-28 SEK 900,00. Vid köp av LiteGait ingår 2 platser. Anmälan är bindande och kursavgiften faktureras vid registrering. Vid frågor eller annat är du varmt välkommen att kontakta oss på tel +46 76 311 9331 eller epost wmu@rehab-partner.se

Download hela programmet: Program PWBGT I SE Maj 2022

Nechama Karman, PT, MS, PCS is a board certified pediatric physical therapist in private practice in Great Neck, NY. She was formerly on faculty at the School of Health Professions, Behavioral and Life Sciences of New York Institute of Technology, in Old Westbury, NY and School of Health Sciences, Hunter College of the City University of New York.

She has recently held adult rehab and outpatient positions, including working with adults with traumatic brain injury spanning the spectrum from coma emergence to high-performance sports participation (including running) using the LiteGait. Ms Karman also has extensive experience in the acute rehab setting for adults with orthopedic and neurological conditions. She has extensive pediatric rehabilitation experience across the spectrum, and has held pediatric clinical, education and research positions in NY.

She is active in clinical education as well as clinical research. Her research interests relate to the efficacy of treatment approaches in pediatric physical therapy, and in women’s health issues in physical therapy. She is a PhD candidate at Seton Hall University’s School of Graduate Medical Education. She has a Masters degree in physical therapy, and an advanced masters degree in orthopedic physical therapy.

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