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Paediatric rehabilitation encompasses a wide range of patients, from very young children to teenagers. LG50KX is designed to be used for children from one year of age and up to 160 cm in height (142cm over treadmill).

LG50KX for children and young people, with integrated FreeDome and Flex function for dynamic weight bearing. Comes with 2 pelvic harnesses, Q-Straps and removable parallel bars. Electric height adjustment of 45 mm and manual height adjustment of 70 mm.

Your purchase of LiteGait includes a three hour educational session on how to use and maintain the equipment, including training with your patients, plus two complementary spots at our professional full-day seminar.

Specifications for LG50KX
Max user weight 50 kg
Max user height 160 cm
Max user height on treadmill 142 cm
Electric height adjustment 45 cm
Available inner base dimensions: 64/69/76/86 cm*
Base length 82 cm*

*Base can be custom-produced to specific dimensions

Download Specifications: LG50KX specifications