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GaitSens gait analysis

Quick, easy and accurate

Gait analysis with balance module

GaitSens® makes powerful gait and balance assessment accessible for any clinic!  GaitSens® can be factory-installed into any of our GaitKeeper treadmills, including our portable GaitKeeper Mini treadmill.  It requires no setup or calibration between users, is easy to use, and provides robust, objective data necessary for supporting clinical documentation.

GaitSens® is a complete assessment tool that measures gait and balance parameters via sensors built into the treadmill, with immediate Bluetooth transmission to an external PC/tablet. It can be combined with other equipment such as video gait analysis and EMG.

Measures step length, stride length, step width, cadence, time, symmetry, single-limb support, etc. Built-in balance module that can be used stationary as a balance platform with targeting and SWAY analysis.

GaitSens® comes with a tablet, software, database with real-time analysis, signal reader and report generator.