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The original recumbent combined

cross trainer and step machine


Not everyone has the balance, mobility and strength to be able to use an exercise bike, a treadmill or a regular cross trainer. The American-developed NuStep® is an optimal solution to this challenge! The combination of a recumbent cross trainer and step machine creates security and safety for the patient with a form of training that challenges strength, heart rate and cross-coordination at the right level.

Offering functional and compensation-free training in a safe position, NuStep® trains the body through natural movements that strengthen the arms, legs, upper body and back. The movement patterns go back and forth and are not cyclical or elliptical like a stationary cycle or standard cross trainer. The variable step length ensures compensation-free training where the patient is not forced into extreme positions. Meanwhile, the load in all movements can be adjusted so that the training fits the current need exactly – even for patients with impaired or reduced function.

The ability to train safely and independently with NuStep® is very rewarding for both the therapist and the patient. The safe position gives the therapist the freedom to observe and provide guidance, and for the patient it means more training time.

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NuStep at Lokalcenter Hasle-Aabyhøj in Aarhus municipality.                                                                           

The therapists at Lokalcenter Hasle-Aabyhøj got together with their patients from the centre and made this video. Thanks to all participants. 

NuStep Inc. has received the Presidential “E” Award for Export of “Department of Commerce” at the White House, Washington DC. The award is the highest recognition an American company can receive for making a significant contribution to expanding U.S. exports.