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LiteGait® has been developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and their patients, and is based on clinical research and established treatment principles. We provide personal and online training seminars for everyone who works with LiteGait®. You also get access to an international forum of therapists who use LiteGait® day to day.

LiteGait® is a tool that challenges and develops the patient at their exact level of functional impairment in a 100% safe treatment environment, so both the patient and therapist feel totally secure. Via the uniquely developed pelvic harness and support straps, the patient is held in a safe and natural way, which ensures a compensation-free rehabilitation session fully focused on training the weaker functions. 

The LiteGait can be used in every conceivable situation: overground, over the treadmill, training standing balance, dynamic activity over a mini-trampoline, etc. As there is no risk for falling the patient’s ability for motor learning is also optimised, all while drastically reducing the physical workload for the therapist and thus minimising the risk for workplace injury. LiteGait can be tailored and adapted to suit the individual and the training session, and the base can be adapted to all kinds of treadmills so there are no limitations, only endless opportunities for an improved rehabilitation process.

If you are thinking of investing, we are happy to answer any questions you might have. We also offer product demonstration and training with your patients at no cost before you buy. This is so we can ensure you get the right solution and therefore the best possible start. When testing LiteGait, we recommend that you receive a thorough introduction to the system as well as a training session with your own patients, which takes around three hours. You’ll be able to test the system for 14 days after the training session, if you so wish. Please don’t hesitate to call us at +45 8680 1807 if you have any questions.