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Pelvic harness

Patented pelvic harness

1-2 pelvic harnesses are included with LiteGait, depending on which model you choose. We recommend that you buy an extra harness from the start. The harnesses come in several sizes and always include two crotch pieces. The material is coated with easy-to-clean neoprene for easier maintenance. Machine-washable up to 60 degrees C. 

The pelvic harness helps to make LiteGait unique. Correctly fitting the harness is essential to successful patient treatment.

Sling/harness size Circumference cm Height of harness cm
Nappy sling/harness 16–18  
WalkAble 40–84 20
Junior 43–84 20
Small Adult 56–114 24
Std. Adult 64–152 24
LG225 XL 106–213 36

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Pelvic harness in neoprene 

Nappy harness for the little ones 

Crawling harness
Available in four sizes for both children and adults 
Crawling harness Length cm Circumference cm
Small 20 61
Medium 25 91
Large 30 127
XL 38 by request


Hold-Tite buckle – makes it easier to attach the harness correctly. Optional for adult harnesses.

XL Pelvic harness for bariatric patients

Leg straps can replace the groin piece for the harness, fastened just above the knee.